Torwa is a modern and contemporary marketing agency, concerned with telling the brand’s story and the correct way to reach customers by providing specific marketing plans that are narrated through… 


modern method used to market products and services to increase the number of sales or increase the customer segment, using multiple Internet channels

Marketing Services

1- Managing sponsored advertising campaigns

Service scope

The service includes the following:

Situation analysis of the product/service and market

We study the solutions you provide and draw an Ideal Buyer Persona for them. For the purpose of producing a comprehensive and consistent marketing journey.

Developing and preparing landing pages

For service companies and e-stores, we create and improve landing pages to achieve the highest conversion rates.

Building a comprehensive advertising experience plan

We draw up the complete Omni-channel advertising plan with you before launching sponsored advertising campaigns.

Creating creative content for advertisements

We design and produce short photos and videos (Tik Tok style); To achieve the highest engagement rate with campaigns.

Launching sponsored campaigns and monitoring their performance

Successful management of sponsored ads begins with launching dozens of campaigns and ends with selecting the successful campaign. This is how we achieve the highest return.

Optimize and launch smart retargeting campaigns

We improve advertising targeting by addressing each potential customer through the various stages of the marketing funnel

2- Managing social media accounts

Your digital presence is a must in this era. Our help at Troy is a marketing team trained to manage social media accounts.
The art of communicating and interacting with customers depends on managing an account. In this service, we will fully manage your accounts on communication platforms (social media).
The purpose of increasing your brand awareness, reaching your target audience, and most importantly increasing sales conversion

74% of consumers rely on social media accounts to make a decision to purchase a Sprout Social product or service.

Services Scope

The service includes the following:

To publish and create creative content

Writing posts and tweets that suit the audience interested in your activity, and we even create special designs for each post. For the purpose of creating interaction with accounts and increasing reach while working to increase the number of followers.

Respond to comments and private messages 7 days/week

Interact and respond to comments and private messages that reach your social media accounts, instantly and directly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Create professional designs for your products and services

We believe that creativity is a competitive advantage for any business, so we will make sure to display your products and services creatively through professional designs that capture the eyes of customers. Our gallery is testimony to that.

Effective communication and continuous development

You will always find us near you to inform you of the workflow and what can be improved to achieve the best results. Communication channels with us are available and easy to access, from phone calls to instant WhatsApp messages.

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